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Big Bear

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🔪 - Forged Cleaver! - 🔪
🔪 - Ancient smithing, get creative. Hand-forged by a master blacksmith from high-quality steel and good ductility. 
Use and maintenance:
🔪 - Receive the product, rinse with water, and dry. Forged knives have a higher carbon content. dry after use, place in a ventilated and dry place. Apply a layer of vegetable oil to the blade if not used for a long time. Keep cutlery away from an open fire. Do not immerse it in water or corrosive liquid for a long time.

🔪 - Non-slip ergonomic handle: solid wood handle. It can prevent the blade of this chef knife from falling easily, help you get a good holding feeling, and non-slip effect.

🔪 - Knife blade material: Hand-forged high-carbon steel.